About Us

So just who is Spunki Munki, and what are they about? Well, let me tell ya! My name is Alisha, and I've never been a Fashionista or Trendsetter. I actually dislike shopping, and dread it every time I have to go. This is because I've always been a Plain Jane kinda girl, who picks comfort over fashion every.single.day. I struggle to find stylish clothing that is still comfortable. I often leave stores with empty arms, dragging my purse behind me in defeat.

I have children, and have lived the many days of yoga pants and tees...who wants to get fancy when you're having food thrown on you, and wiping snotty noses with your sleeves daily? I have "aged out" of the stores I went to in my 20's, and have been in a giant rut of where to find clothes that I'm not too old/too young for...or quite frankly won't moon or flash innocent bystanders when I let loose with my crazy mom cheer during my kids' sports events, or bend over to tie my shoe! I.JUST.WANT.NORMAL.CLOTHES.

It is my mission to find just that for all of you who yearn for comfort without losing style, and put it all right here for you! Comfy without the frumpy!